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Saturday, 20 August 2011

First item of agenda

So I guess everybody has heard about the recent price crash of the HP tablets? They seem like a pretty good buy and I would get myself one too...


Harvey Norman in Australia was the only in-store retailer and they pulled the pin on the tablets and sent them all back to HP. I was pretty keen on getting one of these things so I done a fair bit of research on all the American retail outlets... All of them had sold out, and the ones who hadn't sold out didn't ship to Australia.

Now an important issue that I will be discussing on this blog will be the disadvantage in living in a country so far away from technological advances.

So I guess this means that I will have to buy an I-pad?

Don't count on it.


This post shall mark the beginning of quite a journey. A journey that could change my life as well as your own. This post will be basically describing what kind of information that will be posted and a some things that the followers should expect from this blog.

Basically, this blog will be about technology, what is technology? Well the actual dictionary meaning from http://dictionary.reference.com/ is:


The branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society,and the environment, drawing upon such subjects asindustrial arts, engineering, applied science, and purescience.
Technology is such an open subject, so I will focus on different types of technology in different seasons of the year, or whatever applies to my mood. 
Now for the fun part. 
If this blog does indeed get up and running, which I hope it does. I will start to make weekly/monthly competitions. The prices may start small, but they will grow overtime.
I think that's about it. So, enjoy this blog!